Testimonial from Barbara with Spring Valley Youth & Family Coalition

Nice to see you back, on any basis. Yours is a voice and a perspective I need. Right now my head and heart could really get around the hibernation thing — I’m picturing a book-lined cave with good internet service and pizza delivery. Meanwhile, guess I’ll pick up my wooden sword and my trash-can lid shield and go fight. It’s cheaper than therapy and as a parent I long ago gave up the luxury of despair. Again, welcome back.

Barbara Warner
Spring Valley Youth & Family Coalition
Spring Valley, CA, USA

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Search Zone

I haven’t yet experimented with it, but The Foundation Center’s Search Zone is part of a growing trend toward “moderated” search engines, where the sites indexed are limited by human selection in some useful way. This one search the sites of more than 1000 U.S. grantmakers.

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