Testimonial from Amanda in California

Really enjoy the Nonprofit News. When I notice it's in my email inbox I make sure to set aside a little more than the typical e-reading time. I find the info highly interesting, relevant and useful to my position here at the Foundation.

California, USA

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Measuring the Effects of Social Media Marketing

In his piece on Measuring the Effects of Social Media Marketing, Colin Delany echos some themes from my own article on The Quest for Metrics. Most importantly, he makes a plea for organizations to develop clear goals, because that is the only way to create meaningful yardsticks. This also keeps us from just measuring the things that the Internet makes easiest for us and helps us measure the things that matter. Honestly, I think the best social marketing an organization can make is in up-front goals and metrics, and the information gathering workflow to go along with them. And yeah, I am suggesting you do this before you make any meaningful investment in outbound messaging.

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