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Stimulating Reflection through Engagement in Social Relationships

Byram ModelIn their paper on Stimulating Reflection through Engagement in Social Relationships (10 page PDF), the four authors open with these statements:

Reflection on one’s own practice is an important aspect of lifelong learning. For professional lifelong learners, this means questioning their professional practice (way of working), the self-created and organizationally-imposed structures they operate in, and the processes they use in their daily professional life. However, such practice and the underlying principles are often hidden from the surface, and therefore, difficult to evaluate.

They then go on to explore how social interactions (and by implication social media, professional relationships, and even consulting engagements) can be structured to encourage the sort of reflection that leads to ongoing learning. They present a particular tool (for assessing intercultural competence) as part of the exploration, but the implications extend well beyond that.

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