Testimonial from Betty in Canada

I've really enjoyed receiving the Nonprofit News over the past few years. My job has recently changed, and I am not at present, needing the very valuable information which you provide. Should things change in the future, I will be sure to resubscribe.

Betty McDougall

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Seven Predictions for Philanthropy in 2012

In the Nonprofit Quarterly, Rick Cohen offers Seven Predictions for Philanthropy in 2012, and I was fascinated to see him predict an enormous shaping influence of the Occupy Movement and its issues. In brief, his predictions are as follows: (1) The movement itself and the wellspring of discontent that it has tapped will drive requests to grantmakers in the direction of advocacy and distribution of wealth. (2) The prevailing language of theOccupy Movement, concerning the power of the 1% and of the 99%, will put some foundations in an uncomfortable position, given their relationship to wealth. (3) There will be more programmatic related investment. (4) Shifts in federal money will be an issue, but programs with social enterprise language may do well. (5) Foundations will be looked at to help with the slashing of humanitarian aid from government sources. (6) Nothing will change when it comes to the charitable tax deduction. (7) There will continue to be a growing class divide in the nonprofit sector, with the sector itself moving more and more in the direction of its own 1% and 99% divisions.

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